Divi viena / 2in1

28 Jan

Pusdienslaika pauze dzeru kafiju un domaju, paskatisos, ko interesantu kritiki iesaka sodien sadarit Nujorka.

Ieskatos Time Out NY un manu uzmanibu piesaista http://www.dirtylaundryreadings.com/ – nu vai nav geniali, smiekligi un prakstiski?! Vardu sakot, ja ej mazgat velinu uz publisko velas mazgatuvi, tad labak izvelies kadu, kura paraleli bildem ar Tavas velinas griesanos masina var ari klausities un piedalities prozas lasijumos un diskusijas. Sodien, piemeram, tada maminu  padarisana – Bebisi! Zinam, ka tie rodas, bet ko talak?” :)

While drinking my afternoon coffee, I checked out the Time Out NY to see what interesting choices the experts have made for today. My attention was attracted by this: http://www.dirtylaundryreadings.com/

Isn’t it brilliant, funny and practical at the same time? If you do your laundry at a public space then choose one where you can not only watch your laundry spinning but also listen to some readings and discuss!

Today is some moms stuff though – Babies! We know Where They Come From… Now What?! :)


2 Responses to “Divi viena / 2in1”

  1. zancy January 29, 2010 at 04:17 #

    super! lieliska ideja, paldies ka padalījies..

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