Smaidu piegadataji/ Smile deliverers

29 Mar

Pupolini, pupolini – pavasara paudejini… Vakar gribeju atrast sos pukainos zarinus, bet neizdevas. Nav jau ta, ka skraidiju pa visu pilsetu, meklejot, bet, ta ka no rita daziem redzeju tos roka, iedomajos, ka es ari par tiem vazite priecatos! Vajadzeja laikam iet klat un prasit, no kurienes?! :) Nekas, varbut vel atradisu, jo Celsijas tirgus, kura domaju, vareja but, vakar bija slegts privatai ballitei. Mani diemzel nelaida ieksa :)

Sorit savukart atcerejos, ka mana pazina Linda, kad viesojas Nujorka, ieveroja, ka te cilveki staiga dikti apkramejusies. Es esmu ists brunurupucis – uz viena pleca parasta soma, uz otra foto soma, viena roka apvienotais brokastu-pusdienu-vakarinu partikas maisins un otra roka foto stativs. Plus, sodien list, tad man paduse vel ari lietussargs. Nu komisks skats no malas! Es tikai ceru, ka pec Nujorkas perioda nebusu sarukusi par paris cm! :D

Pa celam uz darbu, aiznesu attistit filminu un ieveroju interesantu boditi. Saucas Heart Art. Vini izgatavo sirdis! No koka un apsuj ar dazadiem materialiem. Vienkarsi smukas un dekorativas, dazadiem gadijumiem :) Saka, ka tas ir mazliet kaprizas, domu raisosas vai aizkustinosas, bet katra sirds atnes tas saimniekam smaidu! Manu smaidu un energiju dienai vakar sagadaja vienkarsi saruna ar majiniekiem!

Well, hard to translate the first phrase as it is a Latvian song but the idea is that when the willows have their bugs (pussy willows) they announce the spring. We always have them and give them on Palm Sunday. I tried to find them yesterday but didn’t succeed. Not that I run all over the city but when I saw them in the morning, I wanted them for myself too. Apparently, I had to ask those people who had them on the street where they bought them! Maybe I will find them later. I thought maybe they could be found at Chelsea Market but it was closed for a private party and they didn’t let me in! :)

This morning I remembered when my acquaintance Linda was in New York, she had noticed that New Yorkers always carry a lot of stuff with them. I’m a real turtle – my normal bag on one shoulder, my photo bag on another, in one hand I have my breakfast-lunch-dinner bag and in other a tripod. And it’s raining today, so I also have an umbrella in between! It’s a funny scene to see! I just hope I won’t  be a few cm shorter after my NY period! :D

Then, on my way to work, I drop off a film to develop and noticed an interesting shop – Heart Art. They makes hearts! They are made from wood and decorated with different materials. Simply nice and decorative, for any occasion :) As they say – whimsical, thought-provoking or touching, each heart brings a smile to its owner. My smile and energy for a day was brought by a talk with my family!

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