Gaidīšanas prieks/The Joy of Waiting

7 Oct

Latviski lasi te, bet draugiem ārzemniekiem sagribējās iztulkot!

My dear friends who don’t speak Latvian, I wanted to share my latest blog post I wrote for Ieva – Latvian magazine, here it is:

One of the things we usually expect in the childhood is the birthday. From very early ones when we don’t even know how old we are and what it means. My parents’ stories about what a birthday is have always been so interesting that I couldn’t wait for mine to come. And for the most of the cases, I wanted the next one to arrive the next day because so many surprises, laughter, and the cnadle-blowing-adventure didn’t happen every day…

With the years, the birthday comes with thinking – questionning what has been done and experienced since the last one, with the plans for the following year. The reason of the joy of waiting has changed too. Now the biggest joy is not the fact that it’s my special day but rather with whom I can spend it.

I am a spring child, so the nature needs to get the winter sleep before my next birthday. I somehow feel though that I will have another birthday this fall – I’m waiting for the guests! This is a gift that anyone living away from home would appreciate! I’m in New York for nine months now and it’s been the longest period in a row away from home. I realized, with a weird feeling, that I even have friends I haven’t spoken to since I left. Nine long, nine interesting, nine thoughtfull months. I will have more and maybe I will stop counting. Now I have only one date on my mind – October 15th when my guests arrive; the people with who I will be able to go to the places I hadn’t yet checked out because it didn’t feel like going alone, the places to show because I want to share them, the people with who I can laugh, wonder and talk… And when they will be gone, I will enjoy the memories, while waiting for spring to come and the gifts from those who can’t come but care for me so much! I have a very warm fall!


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