Cita Tirgotava/Another Kind of Shop

22 Mar

Kas īsti tur notiek? Vai uz turieni mūsdienās zobus nes ļaunās zobu fejas? Vai brāļi un māsas, kas nozog mazākajiem radiniekiem izkritušos, lai tiktu pie kabatas naudas? Vai, vēl taču ir zelta zobi! Katrā ziņā, ja kādam vajag zobu, tur laikam var dabūt, he he :)

For the foreigners who don’t read latvian, I should explain what is written on the shop – The Teeth Shop. And my question, quite logically is, what do they do there? Is this a modern version for bad teeth fairies? Or it’s for sisters and brothers who steal the fallen ones from their smaller siblings to get some pocket money? And yet, there are also golden crowns! Anyhow, if anyone needs a tooth, that’s where you get it, ha ha! :)

Elina Ruka


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